Natural stone is a symbol of strength and durability. Over time, it just takes a special charm of antiquity. Natural stone has always been used as a building and decoration materials with good heat-protective and frost, and other unique features. Durability, resistance to adverse environmental influences stone is due to good mechanical strength, water absorption and frost. This material is able to withstand long-term weathering, while maintaining the original properties and appearance.

Outer skin of the building at the first signs of the destruction of soft stones (limestone, colored marble, gypsum and tuff) occur within 25-50 years, hard rock (granite, gabbro, labradorite) remain unchanged through the ages! With interior design of buildings and structures, where changes in temperature and humidity are low, stone is immeasurably longer. Any material eventually breaks down - life is measured by the stone ages.

Natural stone is infinitely varied, and this property is only natural materials. Each product is made of natural stone - is unique. Aesthetic possibilities of natural stone are endless. Created by nature and unique splendor drawing sandstone strength and durability of granite make it possible to create a unique design.


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